Through personal, honest and revealing portraits, Rosie Matheson explores boyhood and masculinity. Examining the softer side of the male experience and providing an insight into the lives of young men and the complexities of manhood.
I started shooting these images, late 2015, documenting how young men express themselves, capturing their emotions, looking at how they present themselves in everyday life. The project explores expressions of masculine identity at a moment when the subcultures, which give young men a voice, are increasingly invisible. Ultimately, the work is about people who don't realise how special and interesting they are, and whose faces tell their story.” - Rosie Matheson.

"Rosie Matheson's beautiful project Boys sees her reflect on masculinity in her ongoing work capturing men around the world." - Getty Images

Two years since the original boys zine, 2020 brings the BOYS Magazine. Designed by Oli East. Pages illustrated by Amalia Mahoney with hand lettering by Marta Urbez. Featuring over 100+ boys from Brighton to Bangladesh. Including: Personal diary entries and reflections from Rosie. Quotes from the Boys. Scans from her travels alongside 35mm frames.